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It is with our experienced Pre-Construction professionals that we can help provide you with the most economical design. Our team understands the difference between “Cost-Cutting” and “Value Engineering”, most contractors will indicate that they saved this client $XX here or $YY there, but little do they mention that these savings were generated by cutting out a large portion of the project or major project needs. Our guidance during the design phase will help direct the most cost effective means and methods of construction which vary so greatly today by geographical region. Services include: Due Diligence, Budgeting, Value Engineering, Constructibility Analysis, Design Enhancement, Project Optimization and Life Cycle Analysis.


Construction Management

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Our Construction Management Team will strive to provide more effective control of the complexities of their project. We will act as your advocate, combining detailed technical knowledge with a commitment to meeting your needs. Not affected by any conflicting interest, Hawkins Construction represents the Owner. Our team will provide specific expertise for all aspects of the delivery process (planning, design, construction, etc.) without having to retain individuals on the payroll for specific tasks. By involving a professional Construction Manager from the earliest stages of your project, you maximize your chances to achieve a smooth and trouble-free construction process.


General Construction

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Hawkins Construction, Inc. is a full service General Contractor providing expertise in commercial construction throughout the southeastern United States. As a General Contractor, Hawkins can join your team in the traditional “design-bid-build” delivery format or as a member of your team on a negotiated basis. We are registered and or licensed to perform construction work in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. We maintain full service offices in Florida (Tampa Bay and Boca Raton). We have been routinely identified as one of the top 10 commercial builders in the Nation.



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The most critical decision in a project is whether or not to build it. In the Due Diligence Stage we will provide a thorough investigation of the existing conditions and prepare a design concept plan with a preliminary budget, in which you will be able to use to support your decision on the project’s feasibility. Once commitment has been established to the Design-Build project, Hawkins will initiate with the preliminary design phase of the project. Preparation of a master drainage and utility plan along with the traffic impact analysis will coincide with the architectural design development drawings. Updated budgets will be provided verifying that the design syncs with the estimated construction budget. A final design will be prepared with a final construction budget, thus leading into the permitting and construction stage.

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Hawkins Construction, Inc. uses Procore* Construction Software to accurately and efficiently manage all of our projects. The platform enables us to capture critical project data and share this information with our clients, subcontractors, and design and engineering partners. We use Procore to track drawings, documents, submittals, RFIs, photos, meeting minutes, punch lists, and financial data, among other documentation.

Since Procore is cloud-based, we can access the program from any place with an Internet connection. Its app features also enhance the program's mobility, making it easy for our Project Managers and Superintendents to upload information in real time.

*Hawkins Construction, Inc. is not affiliated with or endorsed by Procore Technologies, Inc.


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