SENIOR Living & Residential


Owner:  HARC


Architect: rojo


Size: 21.5K SF


Award:  Hillsborough County Planning Commission Award of Excellence

TAMPA, FLORIDA - Hawkins Construction was chosen to build the new Hillsborough Achievement and Resource Center's (HARC) Center for Life Development.  This 21,500 SF facility, which was federally funded and  administered by Hillsborough County, offers day program, vocational and residential services.  The campus includes:

  • HARC’s administrative offices.
  • A group home for people with developmental disabilities and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • A community center with a commercial kitchen available to community groups of many kinds.
  • An Adult Day Training Facility for people with a variety of disabilities.
  • A variety of educational experiences open to individuals with disabilities, their families, advocates and other service providers.


HARC is one of the oldest and most respected agencies serving  people with disabilities the Tampa Bay Region since its founding in 1953. The agency currently services over 400 people each year and continues to grow rapidly.


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