Clay County Florida Emergency Services Complex


clay county emergency services compleX

Owner:  Clay County Board of County Commissioners


Architect: Architects Design Group


Size: 26K SF

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, FLORIDA - Clay County selected Hawkins to build a combined Emergency Operations Center and Fire Rescue Communications / Dispatch Center. The facility is designed based on the enhanced hurricane and redundancy criteria of the HMGP Grant from the State of Florida, Division of Emergency Management. The facility is an approximately 26,000 square foot, 2-story concrete tilt wall structure, consisting of 17,000 square feet of Emergency Management related departments and 9,000 square feet of Communications and Dispatch related space housing 12 call takers and dispatch positions. The new state of the art facility features the latest technology to monitor weather related conditions during emergency situations such as impending hurricanes up to 160 mph, tornadoes and flooding. Should a severe emergency situation arise, the ESC will function as the Command Center for county government operations.


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